Preflight Planner for Glider Pilots


Aufwind: (noun, German) an upward current of air: the clouds form when strong updraughts of wind begin rotating.

Proper preparation is key for a safefun, long and fast cross-country flight. Aufwind app is an iOS app to make flight preparation easy.


Soaring Weather

Aufwind comes with most crucial soaring forecasts already built-in.

To get even more detailed soaring forecasts, you can login with your SkySight account in the app.

Task Planner

Plan your task for the day interactively on the map overlaid with the weather forecast, airspaces and other relevant information.

Thousands of waypoints are already built into Aufwind but you can import your own as well. 

You can export the planned task to an SD-card or email to use with your on-board flight computer or XCSoar.

Airspaces & NOTAMs

Keep on top of local airspaces and NOTAMs and increase flight safety.

Airspaces for many countries are already built into Aufwind but you can also import your own airspace files in OpenAir format into the app.

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