Development Update

Aufwind Pricing and Discounts

Update from the Developer

Last week, I concluded a client project and starting this week I’m able to work full-time on Aufwind. I’m pretty confident that a public release in a few weeks is within the realm of possibility.

Aufwind Pricing and Discounts

Aufwind is free to use but requires a subscription for premium features such as built-in weather forecasts, full SkySight integration and exporting task files to your flight computer (and/or XCSoar). I am planning keep NOTAM info available even without a subscription (even though they are actually costing me money just like weather forecasts) because they are important for flight safety.

The subscription is free during the beta test phase and your App Store account will not be charged. After the beta phase, all beta testers will get a personal discount code so that they can keep using Aufwind for free in their first year. (Another reason to share Aufwind with your pilot friends 😉)

Some of you have also contacted me whether a monthly subscription is planned. I am not planning to offer a monthly subscription for the time being but there will be a 50% discount for juniors (<25 years old) once the app is publicly available.

COVID and Soaring

Our club is preparing to resume gliding operations. Even though we don’t have a date when we can start flying, we’ll be getting our fleet through their yearly ARC examination at the end of May. So I’m crossing fingers we’ll get to fly sometime this summer.  🤞

How about you? I’d love to hear whether you have been already flying or when (if?) you expect to get back into a glider this summer.

What’s in the next update?

Again, huge thanks for testing Aufwind and reporting bugs and giving me feedback. I have been busy with another biggish update with following: 

  • Airspace and waypoint file imports are back!
  • Correct colors and legend for all forecast types
  • Forecasts without a SkySight account work now
  • Added airspaces and waypoints for Australia,  Canada and New Zealand
  • Fixed crashes and various UI bugs.

I have tested various configurations and it should actually be fine but if the app crashes at launch or regularly on your device please delete and reinstall. There have been many low-level changes in the last two updates and sometime the data is not compatible. I expect the low-level stuff to stay stable in the future updates.

Give it a whirl and please send me feedback on what you like and don’t like and what else you’d like to see in Aufwind.

I’d also appreciate if you take a minute to tell your aviator friends about Aufwind. I’m going to add a lot of folks to Aufwind beta. 

And most importantly, take care of yourselves and stay healthy!