Development Update

Aufwind Release Candidate! 🎉

The release candidate build 1.0(27) is on its way to Apple as I write these lines. The beta testers should get an email about the update from Apple in the next few hours. This update brings a few new features and a lot of little fixes. More on that below…

Engin’s 15 minutes of Fame 🎙️

I was the guest pilot in the latest Soaring the Sky Podcast episode. It was great fun to talk about soaring with Chuck even if many of us are not able to fly these days due to the COVID pandemic.

Light at the end of the tunnel? 🚂

From what I hear in the news, most German states are either lifting restrictions on private aviation or preparing to do so in the next few weeks. Single seaters should not be a big issue as long as we wipe down surfaces. Considering that most of us never had to opportunity to do check flights this season, double seater flights pose a bigger issue. Also many FIs are in an age group where their risk from COVID is much higher. I’d love to hear how your club is planning to handle this situation.

What’s New in Aufwind

Among many smaller improvements and fixes, this update comes with two areas of big changes: the Task Planner and importing files.

Task Planner Updates

Task Planner now has an FAI triangle assistant which highlights the regions where your turnpoints should be to ensure a valid FAI triangle. Now, you can name your tasks as well. And last but not the least, Aufwind now integrates with iCloud to sync your tasks between your devices.

The new Import Extension and Previewing Files

Aufwind has a system wide extension now which appears in the system share menu and lets you import files or links directly into Aufwind. (OpenAir and CUP files are supported for imports)

Moreover, in this update, both the extension and in-app importer show a preview of the file you’re about to import. 

Other improvements:

  • Aufwind is more robust against corrupted/invalid files now and should not crash if an imported file fails to parse.
  • Number and units formatting has been improved throughout the app and should respect the selected units everywhere now.
  • Performance improvements: no more waiting after the first launch after install and the airspaces should be rendered much more after launch quickly now.

Give it a whirl and please send me feedback on what you like and don’t like and what else you’d like to see in Aufwind.

Please share Aufwind with your flying friends might be interested in testing Aufwind.

And most importantly, take care of yourselves and stay healthy!